The Late Great State of California

A recent poll stated that half of Californians have thought of leaving the state. Once the land of golden opportunity, California is losing its dynamism. The reason for that is that it is by far the most regulated state in the union and it has the highest tax rate among the states. Now two new laws, one trying to kill off the gig economy, the other statewide rent control, threaten the promise that once made California the land of opportunity. (UPDATED Oct. 18, 2019)


Rent Control: Politicians vs. Renters

There is a belief among Progressives that rent control and other tenants’ “rights” will make housing more affordable, more secure, and more attainable for renters.

Tenant advocates such as CAUSE (Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy) have been urging the City of Santa Barbara to adopt policies they believe will help poor tenants. At a special meeting on March 21, the Santa Barbara City Council decided (5-2) to form a taskforce to examine rent control as well as other tenants’ rights policies proposed by CAUSE. (more…)