Who Will Drive Policy In The Trump Administration?

The rumor is that Ivanka Trump was the one who, during election night, came in and told her father that he was pulling ahead in the presidential race. His response, “What do you mean I’m ahead?” is something I made up, but it has a strong ring of truth to it. At the outset of the evening the polls and the TV commentators were ready to crown Hillary Clinton, but as the night dragged on something else happened.


Will Donald Trump Be an Agent of Change?

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America and one-half of the country are ecstatic and one-half are fearful of it.

This election season was one of the worst in modern times as our top aspirants to the presidency abandoned facts, reason, common sense, and collegiality. This isn’t just about Trump: both candidates are guilty. It has given birth to a new Right-Left populism based on economic and social myths.


The Lesser of Two Evils, or What to do on Election Day

My Republican friends tell me that they don’t like Trump but they will vote for him because, as bad as he is, he is better than Hillary. My Democratic friends tell me they don’t like Hillary but they will vote for her because, as bad as she is, she is better than Trump.

That is what is called a dilemma, wherein you have a choice between two unattractive options. Actually, it is more like a Morton’s Fork where there is a choice between two equally unattractive options that lead to the same unpleasant conclusion.

To say that this election cycle has been a disaster is to state the obvious. It would be great entertainment if it were a different country. But it isn’t. Shame on us for letting it happen.

Our politicians promise us many things. If they could solve our problems by those promises they would already have done so and we would be living in their promised Utopia. After all, they’ve had 80 years to do so. Their tool kit hasn’t changed much over the years, yet we still vote them in. We must challenge the intellectual status quo or resign ourselves to creeping stagnation and social disunity.

In past months I have detailed the failings of Hillary and Donald’s policies. Both candidates threaten our economic well-being and individual freedom as well as our security. Here are my concluding thoughts. (more…)