Why Hillary’s Economic Policies Will Fail, Part II

In Part I of “Why Hillary’s Economic Policies Will Fail,” I pointed out the regressiveness of Hillary Clinton’s Progressive policies of more taxes on the rich, more taxes on businesses, and forcing businesses to stay in America. In “Hillary and the Progressives” I discussed the authoritarian nature of Progressivism. Regular readers know that I have been equally critical of Donald Trump and his policies.

My approach is to be critical of what politicians say and I base my criticism on basic economic truths and data. While it would be easy to enter the popular fray of name-calling and character-bashing, I think we should base our political choices primarily on candidates’ policies, not just character failings.

So, Hillary …

Like Donald, there is no problem that Hillary can’t solve. (more…)

Why Hillary’s Economic Policies Will Fail, Part I

There are three things we ought to accept as truths going into the presidential voting booth in November:

  • Both candidates lie and over-promise.
  • Our two candidates have no clue how to solve America’s problems.
  • (Progressive) actions have (negative) consequences.

Readers of this blog will note that I have excoriated Donald Trump many times for his lack of understanding of basic economics and politics, and his authoritarian leaning. In my previous column I pointed out that Hillary’s self-professed Progressivism is just as authoritarian as Donald’s and its naïve view of the economy has made us poorer, not wealthier.

I’ve been following Hillary’s announcements, speeches, and website on her economic policies and they don’t violate any of the three truths noted above. In this series I’m going to discuss her most important policies to demonstrate why they will fail. Mostly they are Progressive bones thrown to special interests that will ultimately harm workers. (more…)

Hillary and the Progressives

Trump supporters weary of my hammering him will be glad to know that I am now turning my wrath to Hillary Clinton and the Progressive movement she represents.

Progressives believe in force as the proper method of social organization.

Capitalists believe voluntary cooperation is the proper method of social organization. (more…)