Why You Should Vote For Randy Rowse For Mayor

The Santa Barbara City Council elections on November 2 are probably one of the most important elections in years. Santa Barbara is facing serious problems: homelessness, the problems with State Street, including the mall-ing of the street, a leaderless City bureaucracy, a dysfunctional City Council, an obstructive planning and development bureaucracy, undue union influence, and more. We deserve a better mayor and Randy Rowse is the only nonpartisan candidate with vast experience and demonstrated leadership and he deserves our vote. (more…)

The City Should Leave The Funk Zone Alone

I really like the Funk Zone. It’s hip, scruffy, avant, counter-culturesque, Cannery Row-ish. A refuge for the young and creative. The City has established a Design Overlay for the area. It, along with rising real estate values could be the kiss of death for the Funk Zone. I wish they would just leave it alone and let creative entrepreneurs do their magic. (more…)

Rent Control: Politicians vs. Tenants

Rent Control has been proven by many reliable economic studies to be counter-productive. While the goal may be to help low-income renters, the law actually does the opposite: it reduces the housing stock for those who need it and favors mostly white middle-class renters. Data shows that no rental housing market in California has been improved by such policies.


Affordable Housing: Fixing The Unfixable

Our politicians often make campaign promises to solve the “housing crisis” or homelessness. Most of these promises are empty and politicians know it. Housing in Santa Barbara can never be “affordable”. Homelessness can be managed but not solved. There should be a Truth in Campaigning law. 


What’s Happening in Santa Barbara Real Estate?

This article was written in 2018 as Santa Barbara was recovering from the disastrous fire and flood. It notes that real estate values were at an all-time high which indicated a “risk off” investment position. The pandemic and the Fed’s flooding the economy with $4 trillion in new money have caused asset prices to reach historical highs. This makes this analysis even more relevant in light of the subsequent frenzied scramble for better yields and better climes.


Power, Districts, and Gentrification

District based elections will have a polarizing effect on local government. Instead of having the “at large” representation we have now, each district will be competing for limited government resources. With at large representation there is at least some commonality among the council members who don’t necessarily have to fight for specific neighborhoods, but can see the needs of the entire community. District elections will be a mistake.



Would You Vote For A Candidate Who …

Why would you vote for a candidate who advocates fewer job opportunities for low-skilled workers, or who favored policies that would cause the price of consumer goods to dramatically increase and trigger a recession, or who would stifle economic growth and innovation. The facts are that you probably would.


What To Do With Governor Newsom

Gavin Newsom has proved he is not an effective leader as governor of California. He continues to support Progressive-liberal policies that don’t work and have resulted in the decline of California’s institutions and infrastructure. Data show that our schools, energy grid, roads and bridges, and economic opportunity have all declined substantially under his watch. California needs change and we need new leadership. That is why Newsom must be recalled.


How To Not Fix Homelessness

There is a “solution” to homelessness. Enforcement of existing laws that take back public spaces is part of it. Housing and counseling is the other part. But it takes money and dedication to do this. If we want a better, healthier environment in Santa Barbara we need to start now and motivate our governments and charitable organizations to step up and commit to solve the problem.