About An Independent Mind

This is a blog for independents. That is, those not fitting ideologically into “Republican” or “Democrat”. It is also for people who can think independently.


Like many independents I’ve noticed that commentary from Left and Right has become hyper-polarized. Few commentators seem to address or even understand our underlying problems. Talking heads just argue and commentators recycle fashionable ideas without a great amount of critical thought. This blog tries to step back from the fray and analyze current events from an independent perspective. My goal is to point out the poor logic of popular policies and reveal the unintended consequences that are often the opposite of what their proponents assert. I don’t claim to be “impartial” but I do base my observations on fact and reason, not on fiction and emotion.


An Independent Mind is published by Jeffrey Harding. I am a real estate investor, former business attorney, college professor, and writer. I write a bi-weekly column for the Santa Barbara Sentinel. I am a long-time student of economics.

I published The Daily Capitalist, a popular blog on economics and finance, for five years. I started it in 2008 because just before the Crash everyone in the Mainstream was telling us that everything was just fine. The politicians, the Fed, economists, financial analysts, and all the mainstream media were wrong. I found the causes of the Crash were quite different than what most economists were saying, and I believe those views are still widely held and may explain a lot about our economy and politics.

My articles were cited, republished, or linked to by popular investor sites such as Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha, and Minyanville, as well as media sites such as Huffington Post, Real Clear Politics, Real Clear Economics, Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, The Street, Forbes.com, The Foundation For Economic Education, and The Mises Institute. I also appeared on Fox Business News and NPR’s Marketplace Money. The Daily Capitalist had a strong record of economic analysis.

Presently I am an adjunct professor at Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, California, where I teach Real Estate Investment. SBCC was recently rated as the nation’s No. 1 community college.

I can be reached at jh@jeffharding.wpengine.com.

The Motto

Dixi et salvavi animum meam.

* I have spoken and saved my soul.

Speaking out without worrying about offending people is like unburdening one’s conscience; knowing that if you died tomorrow, you would at least have tried to make a difference. Thus, the Latin motto derived from the Roman Catholic church about the confession of sins being a path to salvation. I use it in a secular way. Saying what I believe is my “salvation”.

Reader Comments

If you disagree with me, it is not enough to say, “I disagree.” That would not be constructive and neither of us would learn anything. Nor is it is useful to launch ad hominem attacks as an expression of your disagreement. That would reflect intellectual laziness. I urge you to express your opinions on this blog, but please do so in a polite manner.

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