I told you so. I am not gloating but I have been quite correct about Donald Trump in my prior articles. I wish it were not true, but he is living up to my early assessment of what his presidency would look like. Also see here and here. His defenders say that he has accomplished a lot. Politifact, a site which keeps track of what politicians say and then do, has given him credit for accomplishing these campaign promises:

  • Appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
  • Issuing an executive order requiring two existing regulations be eliminated for every new one adopted. The effect of this on the bureaucracy has yet to be measured.
  • By executive order, he withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a freer trade zone that did not include China.
  • By executive order he expanded deportation of illegal immigrants, with a focus on those with criminal backgrounds.
  • By executive order he removed some roadblocks to the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • His budget proposed cutbacks to the EPA, the Department of Education, and Planned Parenthood, and requested increased spending for defense and his wall on the Mexican border.

Other than the Gorsuch appointment, there have been no other legislative successes. No movement has been made on tax reform, and his attempt to repeal Obamacare failed spectacularly. His “successes” have been accomplish by presidential orders, easily achievable as being the head of the executive branch of government. His trade and immigration proposals are bad for America and will negatively impact future growth and make us poorer. According to Politifact, his first 100 days have not been the most productive of any administration. Which is surprising since the Republicans control Congress and the presidency. Considering his inability to properly organize the Oval Office and his impetuosity, it is perhaps not so surprising. He has already proven that General Kelly has not been able to impose discipline or gravitas on him.

Some would say that legislative impasse it a good thing and I would agree with that in general. But true tax reform and a reformation of our healthcare system and the repeal of Obamacare are worthy objectives. It has now been revealed to us that the Republicans are devoid of good ideas. In fact there is little difference between the parties. As a person devoid of an ideology, Trump is not able to assert any leadership by sharing a coherent vision of America.

It is likely that the Trump Administration will be one of little accomplishment. As I said before:

We are witnessing a sad phenomenon in American political history. Brash businessman Trump who became brash candidate Trump is now brash President Trump. Those hoping for dignity and gravitas to assert itself hope in vain. What you see is what you get.